Shree Umiya Electronics Co.

Ahmedabad ( INDIA )


Products Range

Single Phase Panel

Three Phase Panel

  • Direct On Line
  • Star Delta Control Panel
  • ATS Control Panel
  • SRP Control Panel Board

Distribution Board

  • Power Distribution Board
  • Lighting Distribution Board
  • Motor Control Centre
  • Metering Panel
  • Pump Testing Panel
  • Automatic Power factor Correction Panel
  • PLC/SCADA based Control Panel
  • AMF Panel
  • Change Over Panel
  • AC Drive/Soft Starter Panel
  • Bus Duct
  • Customized Panel
  • Electronics and Elecrtrical Controlgear

Auto Transformer

  • Air Cooled Auto Transformer
  • Oil Cooled Auto Transformer
  • Resin Cast Auto


  • Single Phasing Preventor
  • Water Level Guard & Lavel Controler

Motor Control Center

We have IP, Short circuit, temp. Rise test report on deferent type panels from CPRI & ERDA.